Teacher Smart!: 125 Tested Techniques for Classroom Management and Control George Watson

ISBN: 9780876289105

Published: June 7th 1996


248 pages


Teacher Smart!: 125 Tested Techniques for Classroom Management and Control  by  George Watson

Teacher Smart!: 125 Tested Techniques for Classroom Management and Control by George Watson
June 7th 1996 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 248 pages | ISBN: 9780876289105 | 5.63 Mb

This unique hands-on resource gives new and experienced teachers at all levels 125 proven management techniques and 64 reproducibles for meeting the day-to-day challenges encountered in the classroom and school environments.

For easy use, all of these tested materials are presented in a simple problem/solution format, printed in a big 8 x 11 size ready for photocopying, and organized into seven sections focusing on seven different areas of concern.BEHAVIOR CONTROL: Section 1 provides 40 techniques and reproducibles to help you deal with problems most teachers see daily.

For example, Dueling Pens is a method to quickly stop a squabble in the classroom, and Bring in Mom is an effective way to deal with a disruptive child who resists all other efforts aimed at correcting his or her actions.REINFORCEMENT & REWARD SYSTEMS: Section 2 offers 19 techniques and reproducibles using positive reinforcement to produce results. Percent Ticket, for example, is a no-cost way to help all students in grades 4-12 to improve and increase their daily class work.ON TASK BEHAVIOR: In Section 3, youll find 41 innovative techniques and reproducibles to help students stay on task.

One of these, The Stick Jar, keeps students on their toes because they never know when their name will be drawn form the jar! Another, Vocabulary chains, is a novel way to heighten students interest in learning the words and language of any subject.NEAT & FUN THINGS TO DO IN SCHOOL: Section 4 provides 34 techniques and reproducible tools to inject some old-fashioned fun into the classroom. The Great Impromptu Speech, for example, require little if any preparation, lasts awhole period, and keeps even student with difficult behavior problems alert and learning.COMMUNICATION & PROFESSIONAL IDEAS: Section 5 gives you 19 techniques and ready-to-copy forms to promote positive interaction with other staff, including a really neat teacher stress-reducer called The Colorful Generic Lesson Plan File.SELF-ESTEEM: The 14 innovative techniques and reproducibles in Section 6 include meaningful ideals for promoting the emotional development of all students, such as The Excellent Student Recognition Award and The Progress Roll, a way to recognize the success of lower ability yet hard-working students.TEACHER & STUDENT PROTECTION IDEAS: The last section feature 20 suggestions and reproducibles to help you protect yourself and your students.

For example, Refusal Protection puts ownership for poor school performance directly where it belongs, on the student. Behavior Record sheet helps you keep a consistent record of a particular students behavior with witnesses to back up your position.And to help you quickly select appropriate ideas when you need them, youll find all of the classroom management and control techniques in TEACHER SMART! Are numbered consecutively in the Contents and text and accompanied by the authors recommended grade levels for use!

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